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Gaye Piper

Founder of

Synergy I and Gaye Piper

Sham​bala Spiritual Centre

Canberra Southside

0428 624 452

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Experience this fascinating therapy for "just to see" or "to help" in your present day life.

You do not have to believe in reincarnation for Past Life Therapy to be beneficial in your life; it can work whether you believe or not (but it does help if your awareness is open to the process).

When someone's life changes by experiencing images in their mind, true healing can occur.

At times, things are going on in your present day life, eg repeated patterns, de juvu, feelings of "more" but not mentally understanding - Past Life Therapy can be very helpful and profound.

Even illness, at times, can be helped by Past Life Therapy.

Do you know of someone, or even yourself:

  • that has been feeling “not altogether too well”,
  • knows something is wrong but nothing shows up in blood tests, examination etc. All tests came back as “nothing” showing and at times, many different opinions are sought after (an extremely frustrating time).
  • This is a really good indicator that Past Life Therapy (or Crystal Dreaming) might be advantageous for you to explore.

Allow Gaye to take you on a journey and experience this Therapy in a safe and protected environment.

NB. Nothing replaces traditional medicine and all Therapies compliment, not replace.