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Gaye Piper

Founder of

Synergy I and Gaye Piper

Sham​bala Spiritual Centre

Canberra Southside

0428 624 452

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Welcome to Soul Talk

I have been guided by my TEAM in the unseen world to start sharing more of my articles that are inspired by them and also the people and situations that I come across and at times I just needed to write.  The words just flow from my fingers from the inspiration that is shared with me.

Some articles are about experiences I have had but mostly it is about other people.

So who is part of my TEAM in the unseen world.

I have identified three levels of dimensions (at the present time) in which my TEAM "speak" to me. 

When you are aware of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Claircognizance (there are many more) you will understand how this is given and received and we each receive it in our own way. Try not to compare how you receive it to someone else.

In my highest dimension is one of my TEAM and their name is THEY (The Higher Essence of You) and this is where most of my insight, intuition, knowledge and psychicness comes from. They are the ones that I channel my meditations from and I am always in awe of the journey THEY take me on and in a split second, I speak the journey to the people attending. I am very grateful and very humbled by this experience.

The next dimension is where my more practical TEAM are. This is like a family who supports us, even though there are no family members part of this team. I will share more of this TEAM in a later Blog.

The third dimension for me is those who are in the Spirit World. They are the family and friends who have departed this world and exist in this dimension and are ready to talk and support those loved ones in the physical world.

Please be mindful as this is the way I have been shown. This is MY TRUTH. There is no right or wrong way in which you learn and gain knowledge about your TEAM.

Throughout my Blog I will be sharing inspiration, challenges and words that have been given to me to share with those who are ready and willing to empower themselves and another way I do this is through my Readings


Written 9 November 2021

The energies around, at the moment, seem to have been very different since Saturday night (30/11/2021). How? It seems fragmented and ungrounded (and it could just be me. I am happy to own that). However, when I feel energy like this, others seem to resonate with what I am saying and feeling.

I am an empath. I know we empathetically pick up on other peoples’ energies and what they are going through. We can sense/see/feel/know what it is about most of the time, however people are not always ready to actually hear what is being said. Their energies become defensive, even though they know what is actually going on in their life but don’t really want to acknowledge it and instead displace the challenging energies onto someone else, even though they are not aware of it. This is not happening to me but I see it around.

There seems to be a deal of turmoil going on with the young ones. Whether it is a teenager no longer wanting the constraints of home life but not being heard, things in a much more empowering way. Or I can be a child whose language and understanding is not quite matching their age and they become frustrated.

I know it is simply a time for CHANGE. For many this seems unattainable - or is it? It is always a hand breath away. They know what needs to be done but for many reasons do not step into the empowerment that brings a degree of freedom, peace and happiness to their lives. At times it is another energy around that they feel is stopping them or impeding their sense of self, of purpose and just getting on with things in a more harmonious way.

How many out there are just existing? Just putting one foot in front of the other. Surviving and not really living. There are many reasons for this and they can always be justified.

Why does it seem to be so challenging and difficult? Why is it that we can’t have it all (I know, an impossibility).

It is because Life seems to get in the way. Life takes on new dimensions all the time. Life is what we are going through second by second, minute by minute, day by day, month by month, year by year until the inevitable of transitioning to another dimension. Life is what we are; a living, breathing and functioning human. Life is where we are on this planet, this World and this Universe.

Wow this seems so heavy but is it really? What can we change? We can really only change ourselves, our expectations, our desires and our happiness and it really all depends on ourself. Outside influences and people do play a part in this but eventually, it is ourself that determines our own happiness and it is our choice how we deal with things. It is our choice to communicate our needs, wants and desires because, sadly, not everyone is a mind reader all of the time.

It is important not to push aside our feelings, emotions, thoughts etc as they are the indicator for Change. It is these things that allow us to become more, to experience more and to grow more.

So, is it really the energies around that affect how we think, feel and experience things? As an empath when these events/people happen, it is our own resolve as to how we filter and how we take on energies. Do we accept and allow others their journey? Of course, we need to allow others to have their journey, their pathway and allow them their own learnings and teachings. However at times, we just want them to listen and let us show them an easier way – this is Rescuing which is not always appreciated and we don’t always have the right answers.

We do not always need to be the Rescuer, the one who drops what they are doing to rescue despite the energy drain this may cause. The Rescuer wants only the best for all and if they can help, then they will but this can come at a cost

Reflecting on this, with my Team in the unseen World, has been an interesting time. For me personally, I am being given opportunities by many different people, events, situations to learn more about Allowing and not Rescuing. Not a very different concept to what we already know but one that needs attention, reflection and then quiet contemplation.

Hmmmm, go to the Soul and allow that quiet, contemplating and knowledgeable energy to sit with you and just be.

Namaste, Gaye



(Written in May 2020)

It comes out of the blue, totally unexpected and, at times, turns your life completely upside down.

You don’t have time to catch up initially as you are in the throws of “fight” and “flight”. You can’t do the “flight” so you have to do the “fight” and at times, your life may hang in the balance.

All you can do is to “take stock” of the situation and do the best you can.

Your thoughts go through so many scenarios.

“Which way will it be?”

“What can I do?”

“How did this happen?”

On and on your thoughts go until exhaustion hits you and sleep is the Nurse of Peace.

When you awaken, reality sets in. Your thinking becomes clearer and you know the things you need to do and at times you can’t do the things that cover you and your family because of your situation. All you can do is “go with the flow” of what is occurring and trust and have faith that the outcome will be one that brings you onto a more favourable path.

You will need to make life changes and this will take time but your life may depend upon it.

You have been given another chance in life and that is a gift in itself.

You will become more reflective and want to make the necessary changes. Know the gifts you have in your life. The people in your life who support and love you are precious.

You may go through a darkness, but this will not last. Reach out for help. Know you don’t have to do this on your own, for you are loved and cared for. Have the sensibility to let others know how you are feeling because you will be asked constantly asked “How are you?”, “Is there anything I can do for you?” and it may really irritate you at times but know they need to hear your words of honesty and reassurance.

In the end, life did throw its curve ball to show a path that is more inline with a more peaceful and harmonious way of life and for gratitude to be brought to the forefront of all that you have.

Now that life has thrown its curve ball, catch it and hold it dear to your heart.

NB: This is not reflective for me but I am encouraged by my TEAM to put these words down as there are people out in the wide world that may need to read this. Love, blessings and Namaste, Gaye


(Written October 2020)

When we realise that in the “hanging on” to something, we are limiting ourselves.

That in keeping the “falsehood” close to our being – we are limiting ourselves.

That when we choose to keep challenging thoughts – we are limiting ourselves.

In the limitation of self, we lessen the potential that is abundant to us.

We forget we have the power of limitlessness.

Once we realise we have the power to allow limits, falsehoods and challenges to simply drift away, we have a taste of freedom, regardless of how fleeting.

Stay in the power of the limitless Universe.

Bring forward the patience to allow the unfoldment of what can become our reality.

Have the faith and realise at times there is a reason why things are not flowing as you would like.

For in the patience of time, great and exciting new ventures await you.

Embrace the limitations, the falsehoods and the challenges as they bring their own truths.

For in the beauty that resides in you and the new opportunities that will surprise you, many new doors open.

Remembering to continue to be proactive in your own process and allow the excitement of Spirit to always be in your Heart and Soul.

For you are the LOVE

You are the DIVINE

You are PERFECT in the imperfection.

You are the ‘I AM” and “WE” are as one

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